We make robots to train English skills
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Learning English can be effortless! Our motto is crucial when it comes to teaching the youngest ones.

In the English Gym Kids, we have awesome design and effects, various game mechanics that leave no one cold and involve our little players in learning new vocabularies.
An app for grown-ups to learn English.

To speak English it is important to know the difference between Present Perfect and Past simple and use "shall" properly? We object!

In the English Gym, we practice new words and evolve listening skills with the native content and help our users to understand and produce fluent speech.
Our most innovative project - an interactive toy the Teddy Bear.
It's not just a toy, it can recognize speech, can entertain and amuse children and teach them English!
Teddy Bear is capable of things that even parents are sometimes scared of. He helps to get children to sleep, brush their teeth and eat ̶d̶i̶s̶g̶u̶s̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ very healthy porridge.
Our offline travel planner. Make plans and share details with your friends.

Add all the additional information about your trip (tickets, assumed expenditures, photos, timetables, lists) directly to to make it easier and more relaxing.

When traveling with you can enjoy pleasant surprises and be sure that nothing unexpected will influence your schedule and your mood.
At work I do my job as a Unity developer

At home I do my hobbies: ikebana, macrame and origami
Unity developer

My hobby is playing games
At university I learn stuff about games
At work I develop games

Sometimes I draw, animate and make 3D models for games

Oh, and I'm the youngest in our team
Unity developer

I've got 10 years of experience in SEO and 3 years in ASO

I study Japanese in my free time
ASO specialist

Development requires a clear mind and flexible thinking. Contrary to popular belief, the job is one of the most creative ones. Sometimes the program blocks are intertwined with each other in such a fascinating architecture, so that it may be called nothing but work of art. This all makes a huge influence on a person, so even when I go to bed, occasionally, a piece of code or a digital constant may pop up in my mind…

My hobbies are mountain hiking and playing chess
Unity developer
Hobbies: Play the guitar, watch movies, drink Chinese tea.

Professional interesta: Graphic design, UX / UI design of applications and sites, Motion design.

Superpower: an ability to produce designs right here and right now and create a whole lending website out of one subparagraph of text.
And ..."Oscar" for being the most meticulous worker goes to Artem Mikhailov. .

Artem is always attentive and responsible when it comes to work. His rule is to decompose task to sub-sub-sub-task to consider the nuances when developing new regimes or implementing complicated strategies.

He is not afraid to take the lead and prefers to iron things out until they are pitch-perfect.
Architect, Android developer
How to solve a problem? Formulate the objective, google, plan a solution step by step, delegate tasks to the perpetrators.

How to solve a problem when Alexander is around? Formulate the objective, hear when it is going to be solved. 100% probability, checked and certified!

However, he is not always that impeccably consistent: he is fond of dogs, but has two cats at home.
Architect, JavaScript Full-Stack
I like fast pace and challenging tasks both in my personal and work life.
Product Manager
Supervises all the paper work and legal affairs.
Out lawyer and "the paper specialist"
Among multiple talents in our team, Anatoly possesses the most unusual and bizarre ones. For example, he knows Google perks and instruments that no one is aware of, does speed-walking, experienced in public-speaking and always looses when playing "Never have I ever".

Moreover, Anatoly is a tough manager with diverse experience in project and website administration.
Fav anime - Naruto
Fav "Chip and Dale" character - Zipper the fly
Fav book - "Anarchy and morality" by Kropotkin
Fav by Pelevin - "The recluse and the six-fingered"
Fav Engym 2.0 mini-game - Falling blocks

I write GDD for Engym 2.0 and test the games. The most I like to come up with the ideas for cutscenes and then watch the way Ivan implements it in drawings. If I didn't have a Netflix subscription, I would only watch those cutscenes
Game designer, QA engineer

There's no such word as "impossible" for Andrei, if you ponder a problem long enough, the solution will definitely come (sooner or later).

Andrei has a versatile personality, his planning board is filled with sticky notes with fresh, unique ideas. Anyone who knows him is sure - he has enough energy to translate them into reality.
No paperwork
Pure code
How can we help you to grow?
- work at the interface of different technologies
- new languages and frameworks
- choose the instruments that fit yourself, all you need is to solve the task
- work at the cutting edge of the technology: machine-learning, neural networks, modern microcontrollers
What is going to happen after you apply?
- interview with HR
- interview with STO
- face-to-face meeting in the office
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